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Dear Hypnotist,

I'm Jason Linett, and I'm excited that you've landed on this page. Chances are you've watched my videos, listened to my podcast, or even invested in my courses.

It's alarming that too many hypnotists are thinking too small about their businesses.

They're satisfied working only in a dollars-for-hours model. They're only earning a living if they're working with a client or doing a show. However, in the words of every good informercial...

"But there's gotta be a better way!"

The more successful the business owner you meet, the more likely they've created streams of passive income. I resisted this concept for far too long, and I left thousands of dollars on the table.

I had been convinced that "the live experience was the only good option." I had even been led to believe it was dishonest to package and sell your process of content as a product.

I'm now of the firm belief that the people who say this are thinking way too small, or are speaking only in self-defense because they don't understand what I'm about to teach you.

Honestly, I stopped listening to other hypnotists talk about their businesses. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on information courses, marketing training, and attended business conventions. I did the hard work for you.

The result of this course is the sanding down of this knowledge into the essential elements to inspire you to learn the easiest and direct methods to take action.

Why Re-Invent the Wheel?
Model Success and Grow Your Business Faster.

I'm your hypnosis business guinea pig.

I've tested the strategies for you, and I only share with you actionable methods I've used myself and found to be successful.

There's no fluff, there's no theory, there's no B.S. I will share with you the information you need to succeed in an easy-to-master, step-by-step method.

Learn the systems I've used to create high-quality products
that earn money for you ... even while you sleep!

Empower Your Success, Think Bigger, and Grow Your Business!

Meet Jason Linett

Jason is the host of the 5-star rated “Work Smart Hypnosis” podcast now available on iTunes and online at  The program has been downloaded more than 175,000 times all around the world. It’s your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success.  Check out the hundreds of sessions featuring interviews, techniques, and professional commentary.

Jason Linett is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Trainer of both Hypnosis and NLP. He is certified through the NGH, IMDHA, and IACT. He operates “Virginia Hypnosis,” a hypnotherapy practice located in Alexandria, Virginia. Jason maintains a full schedule of clients, an associate staff, and several advanced guest trainings each year.

Jason has been featured on CNN, FOX, CBS, and The Travel Channel, he has been the subject of more than four dozen newspaper articles.

Marie Mongan, founder of the HypnoBirthing protocol recently selected Jason to train a hypnosis certification course at her convention. Sheila Granger, pioneer of the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss invited Jason to become one of the few hypnotists in the United States to train her protocol. Jason is also a Certified Parts Therapy Instructor utilizing the Roy Hunter methods.

While building a successful business is a great goal to strive toward, Jason is the most proud of his ability to do so and be at home each night with his wife and two children.

Jason Linett is a leader in the hypnosis profession. In 2017, he was invited to give the keynote speech almost all of the North American Hypnosis Conventions, including HypnoThoughts LIVE 2017 in Las Vegas, the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in Chicago, and the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in Toronto.

He was honored as the "Hypnotist of the Year" in 2017 at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference.

at Jason Linett was recently awarded with the honor of the Ormond McGill Chair from the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Each year, more than a thousand hypnotists from all around the world collect at the annual convention in Massachusetts.  More than 300 presentations are shared.

Jason's 2013 program was nominated and awarded "Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year."  The chair proudly resides at Jason's Virginia Hypnosis office.

Want to talk about hypnosis? Call (703) 341-6655 today to speak directly to Jason Linett.

In addition to his live trainings, Jason Linett is a pioneer of information marketing and hypnosis training in the hypnosis profession. He has created two digital-access on-demand training opportunities. Both programs are active online communities with hundreds of practitioners around the world inside of them.

Hypnotic Workers is an on-demand library of hypnosis training. It's the complete hypnotic "digital brain dump" of Jason's full training. There are more than 60+ hours of inductions, deepeners, and change tactics you won't find anywhere else. Rather than provide you with scripts, Jason shares REAL CLIENT SESSIONS from start-to-finish. The content is fully downloadable and transcribed. Jason teaches a contextual approach to hypnosis, thus eliminating the dreaded "do you have a script for this?" syndrome troubling many practitioners. This isn't arm-chair philosophy; these methods have been field-tested for you through thousands of paying clients.

Hypnotic Business Systems is the leading "Netflix for your Hypnosis Business" program in today's modern hypnosis community. Jason Linett is the "hypnosis business guinea pig," and this online library includes dozens of hours of business training on everything from finding your first office space to online marketing to email campaigning to advanced strategies such as webinars and podcasting. It's a "choose-your-own adventure" approach to hypnosis business training, with several "done-for-you" marketing materials. This program alone has helped launch the business of several well-known hypnotists worldwide, and is a growing library as modern technologies change.

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800 international attendees at the "HypnoThoughts LIVE 2017"
Convention in Las Vegas.

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I know this information has the capability to change your life and improve the lives of anyone with whom you interact.  It’s changed mine.  That’s why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  If by the first break of the first day of course you discover that you're not ready to improve your business and your life with the content I'm sharing with you, just return your materials for a complete refund.

Check out these BONUSES

Product-Creation Resource Guide

  • Knowing which tools to use isn’t the only part of the journey… but it sure makes life easier! I’ve personally vetted hundreds of pieces of software, microphones, cameras, and services over my career, and I’m going to share with you only the best-of-the-best. Cut down your learning curve!

Marketing Funnel Design Strategies

  • Too many people think of the task of selling their product as a linear journey, and that’s often why their sales fall flat! Learn my systems to plant multiple seeds which all lead to the consistent sales of your product.

Blueprint for Product Creation

  • The task of creating an entire product can be daunting if you don’t know where to start! I’ve systematized the process in such a way that you can break your content down easily, know how to structure the material to turn your customer into a raving fan, and how to decide the best mechanism for delivery!

Follow-up Webinars

  • You will not be left alone! Join me and your fellow attendees for two live follow-up webinars after this course to check in on your progress, break through potential challenges, and inspire you to take further action!

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  • q-iconIs this a live class?

    Yes! Given the nature that launching a product is rather intensive journey, you will benefit from being in the room to get your questions answered and strategize the best methods to get your passive income machine in motion.

  • q-iconI've previously studied advertising and marketing, should I take this course?

    How much of your knowledge have you implemented? In addition to sharing with the actionable strategies, the most important content you will walk away with is HOW TO PUT IT ALL INTO USE. This isn’t about book learnin’, it’s a training about street smarts.

  • q-iconIs this course only about creating audio programs for clients?

    The “home hypnosis audio program” is a great model, and yes, we will cover that. However, single-purpose audios are only skimming the surface. This course is about creating much more realized “products” which multiple components, modules, and greater benefit for your buyers. Here’s the game-changer: it takes just as much effort to sell a $20 product as it does a $200 product. Which would you rather be selling?

  • q-iconI'm already seeing a bunch of clients. What will I learn?

    That’s great. So am I. However, you’re likely stuck in a “dollars for hours” model of living. Your business is only profitable when you’re in the room with a client physically doing the work. The majority of hypnotists have built businesses that PREVENT growth, rather than ENCOURAGE growth. Let’s help you think BIGGER and BETTER. This is about adding on new streams of income.

  • q-iconI'm an instructor. Will this help me fill my classes?

    Yes and no. Yes, because as you release your own products, your visibility in the profession increases, thus helping people become more aware of your events. No, because this course is going to laser-focused on content creation, product marketing, and scaling up your business. However, business is business, and you’ll be able to figure out how to apply the principles I’m going to share with you to many other parts of your business.

  • q-iconNo really, I'm not a computer person. Can I do this?

    I’ll be honest. I don’t know how most of my stuff works. I know enough about digital marketing to be dangerous, yet the real secret to my success has been learning the art of outsourcing. You can’t do it all yourself, so learn how to do delegate it all yourself. When you learn my systems for working with a virtual team, you’ll learn the simplicity of how to best describe the user experience, build relationships with outsourcers, and connect with those who can help you grow your business with surprising affordability.

  • q-iconI'm a stage hypnotist. What about that?

    Imagine this scenario. From the stage, while the audience is loving your program, you make a polite, generous offer to give more value to your audience members. They take action, they enter your marketing streams, and soon after they’re making purchases to continue the relationship. Yes, you can still stand there behind a table and sell physical products, but wait until you see what else is possible!

  • q-iconIs this the same thing as "Hypnotic Business Systems?"

    No. Hypnotic Business Systems is my all-access digital library and online community with more than 50+ hours of hypnosis business training. “Hypnotic Products” is a live course laser-focused on the concepts and strategies of launching a passive income stream. While some themes may overlap, the content and experience is different. If you already in the community of HBS, you’ll find this live training to be a more-intensive hands-on experience. If you don’t yet have Hypnotic Business Systems, you might consider adding it to your business arsenal.

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